Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Provo River Falls - Uinta Mountains - Utah

Provo River Falls #1 - Uinta Mountains, Utah
Last Thursday we decided to get out of the city and head up into the mountains. I had heard about the Provo River Falls along Highway 150 a little past Kamas, Utah. We decided to take a small road trip to find out what it's about.

The Provo River Falls are about an hour and twenty minutes east of downtown Salt Lake City in the Uinta Mountains. The drive is scenic the whole route, but it becomes extra beautiful out of Kamas. I think that this drive would be especially lovely dressed in fall colors.

A few miles east of Kamas we spotted a moose next to the road--what a sight! There was a small pond and the moose was getting a drink of muddy water. We were close to the large animal, but we stayed safe in our car.
Moose - Uinta Mountains, Utah
Photograph by Amanda Roesch.
A little further ahead we came to ranger station. The highway traverses a national forest and if you stop along the route you're supposed to pay a $6 fee. I told the ranger that we were going to the Provo River Falls, and he told us that as long as we were just stopping to see the falls that we didn't need to pay anything.

The ranger also told us that the snow pack should be melted enough that the road would be passable. He advised us to just go around the "road closed" sign. We wondered what kind of adventure we were getting ourselves into! We weren't planning on snow packs and closed roads.

It was sunny and warm when we left the city. But as we drove higher into the mountains the sky turned grey and the temperatures dropped. We began to see patches of snow on the ground. Then it began to snow! But the roads remained clear.
Thirsty Moose - Uinta Mountains, Utah
About 24 miles out of Kamas we arrived at the Provo River Falls. There's a sign that points to a small parking area just off of the highway. You can see the waterfall from the parking area, but a short trail leads to a better vantage point.

It was a beautiful place! The pine trees were tall. The river was really rushing because of the melting ice pack. There's something special about being high up in the mountains.

It was cold and snowing. A few inches of snow was on the ground. We weren't prepared for winter conditions, so we didn't stay long. On the drive down the mountain the snow was really coming down! But by the time we reached Kamas it was sunny and warm again.

This scenic drive yielded memorable sights. Highway 150 is an adventure worth taking! Next time we'll wait until it's just a little closer to summer, and hopefully the snow will all be melted.
Nap Time - Uinta Mountains, Utah
Photograph by Amanda Roesch.
Provo River Falls #2 - Uinta Mountains, Utah
At The Provo River Falls - Uinta Mountains, Utah
Provo River - Uinta Mountains, Utah
Provo River Falls #3 - Uinta Mountains, Utah

Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial Day!

It's a beautiful day in Utah! The weather is very nice. Birds are chirping outside right now. I just finished a cup of coffee. The kids set up a pretend store and they're happily playing together.

It's also Memorial Day, which is a holiday where we enjoy barbecues and sales at stores and such. But primarily this day is to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. It's a time to collectively remember the high price of freedom. It's a day to honor those who died while serving in the United States armed forces.

Utah Family Adventures gives a big salute to everyone who has served in the U.S. military, but we also take a moment of silence for those who died while on duty. These are the real heroes. And we will never forget.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Video: South Weber Model Railroad - Canyon Meadows Park - South Weber, Utah

Earlier today we went to the Canyon Meadows Park in South Weber to ride a train around the half-mile of track that circles the park. And I recorded the action! I made a three minute video of our fun adventure, which you can view above.

Watch for the full article, which will include still pictures and a narrative of our trip, next week. For now, enjoy the movie!

Visiting The Historic Lime Kiln In Ogden Canyon - Ogden, Utah

Lime Kiln - Ogden Canyon, Utah
We were driving around Ogden, Utah. We decided to take Highway 39 east and then (more by accident than anything else) began heading up the Ogden Canyon, which, we quickly discovered, is very beautiful.

As we were heading up the Canyon, only about a mile from the mouth, we saw what looked like an old tunnel. Curious, we decided to check it out.

There's a small dirt parking area off of the highway to safely park the car. We got out and found a historical marker explaining what we were seeing.

It turns out that the "tunnel" is actually a 30' tall lime kiln built in 1865 for construction by early settlers. The Kiln was abandoned in the 1880's and fell into ruin. Eventually nature took over and the kiln, despite being right off the highway, was forgotten about. It disappeared into nature.
Three Kids In A Kiln - Ogden Canyon, Utah
Someone discovered some old-west artifacts at the site and soon the remains of the Kiln were uncovered. A reconstruction project began in 2003 and in 2008 the old lime kiln was completely restored. Now it sits as a large landmark in the narrow canyon--a glimpse at a time that's largely forgotten, a much different time than today.

To say that the kiln is large is an understatement. The kids were dwarfed by the large structure. They liked standing inside the old furnace.

A short but steep trail (actually, there are two trails, one on each side of the kiln) leads to the top of the structure. It's a tough climb for little kids, but our six-year-old son and eight-year-old daughter both made it. The views from the top are great!

The drive through Ogden Canyon on its own is worth the time and gas, but a stop at the historic lime kiln is a like icing on a cake. It was fun and educational. If you're traveling this route than you should take a moment to see this site.
Joshua In A Kiln - Ogden Canyon, Utah
Red Rocks In Ogden Canyon - Ogden Canyon, Utah
A view from the top of the kiln.
Rocky Peak & Green Trees - Ogden Canyon, Utah
A view from the top of the kiln.
A View In Ogden Canyon - Ogden Canyon, Utah
A view from the top of the kiln.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Utah Family Adventures Is Now Instagram!

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To keep up with the latest updates, my recommendation is to "Follow By Email" (on the right side of this page), or bookmark us and check back frequently. If you rely solely on Instagram you'll miss some posts (such as this one, which won't be shared there). But it's a fun way to be engaged with this journal, so be sure to follow us there!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Worth The Trip: Huntsville Park - Huntsville, Utah

Totspace - Huntsville, Utah
You have to go through a canyon to get to Huntsville, no matter which route you take. Even though there are many twists and turns, the destination is worth the journey.

The small town of Huntsville, which has less than 1,000 residents, sits in the Ogden Valley on the east shore of the Pineview Reservoir in the Wasatch Mountains. Tall peaks loom over the town, capped with snow much of the year. A couple of creeks meander through the many trees. It's a beautiful setting!

Within Huntsville is a tiny historic downtown called Huntsville Square, and next to that is the Huntsville Park (sometimes called The Main Park). There are tennis and basketball courts. There's a large open grassy field. There are picnic tables and barbecue grills. And there is one of the best kid playgrounds I've seen in a park!

In the park are tons of slides and many swings, plus all sorts of climbing and adventure (and even educational) opportunities. It's a mix of old playground equipment (that you'll remember from your childhood) and the latest in playground design. The town, despite its small size, has made their park top-notch. When we were there we had the park completely to ourselves. The kids had a blast!

There are many things to do in and around Huntsville. The Snowbasin Resort offers winter recreation. The Pineview Reservoir will help you beat the summer heat. There are several hiking and biking trails. The reasons to visit this place are numerous. But if you have young kids, then the Huntsville Park is a top reason to make this journey. And, since it is only about 20 minutes east of Ogden, it's easily accessible to many families.
Spinning - Huntsville, Utah
On The Swings - Hunstville, Utah
The Joy of Rock Climbing - Huntsville, Utah
Climbing Boys - Huntsville, Utah
Zip Line - Huntsville, Utah
Blue Mountain - Huntsville, Utah
This photograph was captured from the park.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Farr Better Ice Cream - Ogden, Utah

Farr Better Ice Cream - Ogden, Utah
While driving around Ogden we stumbled across an old-fashioned ice cream parlor called Farr Better Ice Cream (located at 21st Street and Grant Avenue). This is a Utah landmark, we soon discovered.

The story of Farr's ice cream dates back to 1895 when the Farr family began hauling ice from the frozen lakes in northern Utah. They turned that into a successful ice business, but the 1920's saw mass refrigeration eliminate the need for ice companies. So they changed their core business from ice to ice cream. The rest, as they say, is history.
Established 1920 - Ogden, Utah
Farr Better Ice Cream is (apparently) one of the oldest continuously operated ice cream parlors in America. It's been mentioned in major publications like National Geographic. It's a Utah icon!

We stopped in to get some cones. The place smelled great just walking in, with the scent of fresh waffle cones filling the air. They had a ton of delicious-looking flavors to choose from. I got huckleberry, my wife had chocolate, my two sons both had strawberry and my daughter chose mint chocolate chip. I sampled all of the flavors myself and can personally attest that all of them were tasty.
Jon's Ice Cream Cone - Ogden, Utah
The place was crowded but the workers were quick. There wasn't a lot of seating, but, between the indoor and outdoor tables, there was enough room for everyone. They have a lot of experience (almost 100 years!) serving ice cream and it is obvious that they know what they're doing.

The prices were reasonable. The ice cream was delicious. It's a place that we'll be returning to. At Farr's Better Ice Cream the ice cream is better by far.

Riding TRAX and FrontRunner - Using Salt Lake City's Transit System - Utah Transit Authority

TRAX - Salt Lake City, Utah
We had an opportunity to use the Utah Transit Authority's commuter trains for a quick adventure that the kids loved. We rode on the TRAX light rail and the FrontRunner train.

We started at the Library Station on the TRAX light rail "red line" near downtown Salt Lake City. We rode that train to the Murray Central Station, at which point we climbed aboard to the FrontRunner commuter train. We rode it one stop north to the Salt Lake Central Station, where we transferred to the TRAX "green line" back towards downtown. We made one more transfer back to the "red line" to complete the circuit back to the library.

That may sound convoluted, but it was easy and seamless. We didn't wait longer than five minutes for any train, and often stepped off one and right onto the next. One ticket covered it all. It's very well set up. We found ourselves slightly confused once, but another rider overheard our conversation and told us exactly what we needed to know.

The kids loved riding the train--they had a blast! It was an inexpensive adventure that allowed us to see the city in a different and more relaxed way. It was a great way to spend the afternoon that the kids will no doubt remember.
Sight Seeing - Salt Lake City, Utah
Photo by Amanda Roesch.
Sister & Brother Riding - Salt Lake City, Utah

A House Hunters Story - Buying A Home In An Unfamiliar City - Salt Lake City, Utah

I like watching those television shows where home buyers visit three different houses and pick the one that they're going to purchase. Depending on exactly which show you're watching, there might be some remodeling involved. Even though these are "reality" shows, they are often heavily choreographed and edited for time and entertainment purposes, so only so much is really reality.

Let me tell you my own "house hunters" story, about buying a home in an unfamiliar city. This is a reality that many people face each day, so I thought it might be helpful to those in this same situation. Or, at the least, it might be entertaining, like those house hunting tv shows.

Exit - Los Angeles, California
18 months ago my wife and I decided that it was time for us to leave California. We love this state, but for many reasons we felt like we needed to move on. We wanted a new adventure! And an opportunity opened up for us in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Neither of us had ever been to Salt Lake City before. I'd visited southern Utah when I was a kid, but that was the closest that I ever got. This place was a complete mystery to us. We had no idea if we'd love it or hate it.

So last year we made a quick trip to Salt Lake City to find out if we'd even like it. We found the city to be nice with amazing views everywhere. The people we encountered were very friendly. We decided to go for it and make the move!

Obviously we also spent a lot of time on the internet searching for anything that we could find to give us an idea about Salt Lake City and Utah. You can practically visit a place without actually visiting a place. There is so much information out there, but not all of it is accurate. It's difficult to know exactly what's true and what's not. A lot of what you find is opinion, and that's something that you may or may not find yourself agreeing with. That's why it was important for us to see the city for ourselves.

Endless Summer Wish - Stallion Springs, California
The view from what was our front yard.
Once we knew that we would be moving, the first step was to sell our home in California. We previously had a situation where we didn't correctly time the sale of our home with a move, so we ended up paying a mortgage payment on an empty house while also paying for a rental. We didn't want to be in that situation again, so we placed our home on the market right away, knowing that we'd have to live in an apartment for awhile before moving out of state.

With the house sold and the five of us stuffed into a two-bedroom unit, we set our sites on purchasing a home in Utah. I know someone from Salt Lake City, so I asked if he could recommend a realtor. He handed me a business card and said that he highly recommended Marty McKay.

Marty McKay - South Jordan, Utah
I sent Marty an email, telling him what we were interested in, and he set us up with a secure page on his website where we could search for and save homes. He provided us a daily sheet of new listings that matched our search criteria. He suggested some neighborhoods for us to look at. It was all very helpful to us because, since we weren't familiar with the city, we didn't really know where we should be looking, but we could better narrow things down with his web tools.

We also needed to get pre-approved for a mortgage. We had previously used Veterans United Home Loans and had a really good experience, so we decided to go with them again. They know VA loans inside and out (which is what we were going to be using). Marty had a working relationship already with Veterans United, so everything seemed seamless. We set the maximum budget at $350,000, but we really didn't want to go that high.

With all of that settled we purchased round-trip airline tickets for our family so that we could see some houses. We planned to fly out on a Wednesday afternoon and return on a Friday afternoon. That meant we would have one day to look at houses. And we were bringing the kids.

Several days before our flight's departure a new listing appeared that seemed to be the perfect house. We really loved everything about it, so much so that we had considered placing an offer sight unseen. However, two days later it was off the market, sold to someone. The housing market was moving pretty quick in Salt Lake City, and we had missed the opportunity. We were bummed.

Marty had told us that the most houses that we could visit in a single day would be 12 (and that many homes would make it a long day). So a couple of days before our trip we provided him with a list of 12 houses that we wanted to see, plus a backup list of four houses (just in case some of the 12 that we really wanted to see went under contract before we got there).

Delta At Gate 56 - Los Angeles, California
The day of our flight came. Our kids had never flown before (expect for our oldest when she was an infant)--flying with kids was a new experience for us. We had purchased wheeled-luggage that would fit into the overhead carry-on compartments. We put our two-year-old's carseat on a folding cart. We tried to make things as easy for us as possible, but getting through TSA security was still a circus.

The flight itself was fine. Our two-year-old son had a hard time at times, but that was to be expected. The airplane had screens built into the headrests, so the kids had something to keep them entertained. Upon arrival we realized that our rental car was offsite and that we had to wait for a bus to take us to the lot. In retrospect it would have been better to have the rental car at the terminal.

We got to our hotel well after dark. After settling in we received an email from Marty with the finalized list of homes and our scheduled visits. I told you already that the housing market was moving fast. Of our list of 12 houses plus the backup list of four, only 11 were still available. We made plans to meet up at the first house at 9 am. It was time for bed for an early morning start.

House #1 - Wasatch Views - South Weber

We arrived at the first house on time, still brushing the sleep out of our eyes. It was the furthest north home that we would visit, sitting in the small suburb of South Weber. We had debated if this house should be on our list, but after some back-and-forth we decided to include it. We met Marty for the first time. It was a windy morning and some snow still lingered in shaded areas.

I nicknamed this the "Wasatch Views" house because the Wasatch Range looms over the large backyard. The two-story house, with five bedrooms and four bathrooms, was much nicer in person than in the online pictures--they really didn't do it any justice! The home was well kept and had many built-ins and upgrades, and it was well laid out.

We liked this house a lot, but we were excited to see the other places. So soon we were off to the next house.

House #2 - Paint It Black - Clinton

The next home, which I named the "Paint It Black" house, was the only other house that we'd visit north of downtown--it was in the suburb of Clinton. It was a large six-bedroom single-story on a corner lot near parks and trails. This house was on our backup list because we were uncertain of the the area.

Marty took us inside and showed us around. The kids immediately headed down to the basement, while I looked at the main floor. My six-year-old son came running up to me. "Dad," he said, "there's a room downstairs that's creepy!" As quick as he came he left.

As it turns out there was a room in the basement that was entirely black. Black paint, black carpet, black curtains, black decor. Perhaps it was necessary for medical reasons (migraines) or for work (sleep during the day), or maybe they just really liked the color. But it didn't leave a good impression.

For several reasons we didn't like this place and knew it wasn't for us. But we still had other houses to visit, so we got in our cars and were soon back on the road.

House #3 - The Drive Thru - South Jordan

The next house was in the city of South Jordan in the Daybreak masterplanned community. It was the first of many that were in this neighborhood. We were really excited about this area because of the many community amenities. It seemed like a place that we would really enjoy.

I called this "The Drive Thru" house because there was an alley literally right next to the home. A car driving by could reach out and touch the side of the structure (we could cut a hole in the wall and open up a drive thru service, if we wanted). That was a little unsettling. We found the layout to be a tad awkward. The four bedroom two-story house was otherwise very nice and was in like-new condition.

After leaving this house Marty took us to lunch at Chick-fil-A. He introduced us to the frosted lemonade and we introduced him to the honey-roasted barbecue sauce. While eating lunch I noticed a house that had just come on the market that day, so I asked if we could see it. Marty made a phone call and added it to our tour.

House #4 - Unfinished Business - South Jordan

After lunch we visited the next house in Daybreak, which I nicknamed the "Unfinished Business" house. It was a large four bedroom home that had a good layout and nice upgrades, but the basement was unfinished and it was at the high end of our budget. It also didn't really show pride of ownership.

Many of the houses in this neighborhood don't have private yards. The next-door-neighbor was not keeping up with yard work and it negatively reflected onto this place. Even so, we still liked the house.

Off to the next place, which wasn't far around the corner.

House #5 - Love It - South Jordan

Next up was what I called the "Love It" house because, well, we loved it! The four bedroom two-story house was very nice, very well laid out, and the location was great. It looked like it was straight out of a magazine!

The online pictures didn't make the house look nearly as nice as it was in person. We had considered not including the house on our list, but we were glad that we took a look at it!

One of the best aspects of this house was it's close proximity to a great park and a community pool. After we were finished touring the house we took the kids to the park to let them get their wiggles out.

We still had plenty of houses to go--we weren't even half done--so it was off to the next place.

House #6 - Ugly View - South Jordan

Up next was a three bedroom two-story that I nicknamed the "Ugly View" house. In Salt Lake City it seems that every house has at least a decent view, but not this place! The house was otherwise nice with plenty of upgrades. The layout was a bit awkward. It was also the smallest house that we looked at.

With this house you hoped that some construction across the street would eventually block the sight of the high-tension power lines and the tumbleweed field. The online photos failed to show this.

The next house wasn't far away, so we climbed back into the cars and quickly headed over.

House #7 - Dark Horse - South Jordan

This large four bedroom two-story house, which I called the "Dark Horse" house, was in like-new condition. It was very nice, but everything was dark. The carpets, the cabinets, the countertops were all dark--and not really a "good" dark, either. It just wasn't inviting.

Despite that, it was one of the better houses that we saw. I think that we could have settled for this home and been happy with that choice.

It was around this time that Marty enlisted our two older kids--our eight-year-old daughter and six-year-old son--as "secret agents" and gave them real estate agent assignments at each home. This not only entertained them, but made them feel like an important part of the process. They still talk about this.

We had one more home to visit in Daybreak, so off we went!

House #8 - Elm Street - South Jordan

The next house, a three bedroom two-story, was the least expensive of all the houses that we visited. We soon discovered why: it was a nightmare! And that's why I called it the "Elm Street" house.

Gourmet - South Jordan, Utah
The home had renters and they trashed the house. It was dirty. It smelled. It was just a big mess. It looked like this is where the party was every Friday night, and that it hadn't been cleaned since the last party.

We didn't stay long. This was the worst house that we saw, which is really too bad because it was in a good location and in a pretty neighborhood.

After this house we were in desperate need of a break. We were ahead of schedule, so Marty took us to a local bakery that he knew about, and it turned out to be a good stop. The kids had some ice cream while my wife and I shared a pastry. We sipped on some cold refreshments. We just relaxed for a little while. 

This stop allowed us to gather some of our thoughts. We were able to consider more clearly the houses that we had seen. We were able to talk some things over. We were in agreement on what houses we liked so far and which ones we didn't.

Soon enough, though, it was time to hit the road and drive to the next house.

House #9 - Picturesque - Herriman

From the online pictures this house was our favorite, the one that we thought we'd buy. It was at the very top of our list. We were really excited to see it!

Photographs are dishonest. They don't tell the truth. The photographer includes and excludes whatever he or she wants. It's a highly biased endeavor. We learned that first hand with this place.

It was a large five bedroom two-story house with only one neighbor and very close to a large park and walking trails, situated in the upcoming suburb of Herriman. But the home had a lot of aspects that we didn't care for--things we didn't see in the pictures. It even had a cave in the backyard (the kids loved it, but it didn't seem safe to me). It was a big disappointment.

I found an old Canon 35mm film camera on a shelf in one of the rooms. It seemed to represent this house well, so I captured an image of it. It's also why I called it the "Picturesque" house.

House #10 - Cat House - Draper

Next up was a large five bedroom two-story house in the Suncrest masterplanned community in the city of Draper. This was a neighborhood that we were initially very attracted to, but finding a house there within our budget was difficult. This place is significantly higher in elevation than Salt Lake City, and the views are spectacular!

Upon arrival we found all of the houses had about three feet of snow still in the yards. We had seen some snow here-and-there, but nothing like this! It was March, so we wondered how much snow this home would get in January or February. And we thought that we might not be ready to handle that much snow, being from California (and Arizona before that).

While touring the house I opened the master bedroom closet. Seemingly out of nowhere appeared this orange cat that didn't appreciate me being there. My six-year-old son was excited about this because he loves cats (despite being allergic to them). That's why I named it the "Cat House."

The home was very nice. It had a couple of quirky things about it, but nothing too bad. If we had visited in the summer we might have rated this one a little higher.

With 10 houses down we just had two more to go, and they were near each other.

House #11 - Fresh Beat - Lehi

This house was the one that we added at lunch. From the online pictures it seemed like it could be a nice place. It was a four bedroom two-story in the Traverse Mountain masterplanned community in the suburb of Lehi. By this time our two-year-old son had fallen asleep and Marty offered to watch him in the car while we toured the property.

The house had some good views from the second story. It had a sharply sloped backyard that wasn't very big. It had a music studio in the basement, complete with an expensive-looking soundboard set up for a DJ. I was glad that our little one was asleep because otherwise he might have found a way to damage something.

There were some nice things about the house, but plenty that we didn't care for. We knew pretty quickly that we didn't want to buy this place. So we made our way to the final house.

House #12 - Poolside - Lehi

We almost didn't include this last home on our list. We actually removed it once, then added it back when we discovered that a community pool and park were being constructed right behind it. There was a gate in the back fence, and we thought that if it allowed access to the pool it might be worth considering. That's why I nicknamed it the "Poolside" house.

The home, a four bedroom two-story, was nice, but the steeply sloped backyard was small. We soon discovered that the back gate didn't provide any access to the under-construction pool. We did see plenty of tractors moving dirt around on the hill above the house.

We knew that we didn't want to buy this home, so we didn't stay long. The day was already long and exhausting. Now it was time to make some decisions.

And The Winner Is...

The "Love It" House
My wife and I were in complete agreement of which home to put an offer on, and that was the "Love It" house. It seemed like the perfect place--as perfect as we could hope for, anyway.

Marty suggested, since the market was moving quickly and we wouldn't be able to do another house hunting trip, that we should put an offer on our second favorite house, as well. By submitting two different offers we were doubling our chances of getting a home. Our second favorite home was the "Wasatch Views" house.

We said thank-you and goodbye to Marty. Now it was just a bunch of waiting.

The next morning before heading to the airport we drove by both the "Love It" house and the "Wasatch Views" house to make sure that we were satisfied with our decisions. The two places had significantly different styles and offered much different lifestyles, but they both looked like they would work well for our family.

We got a call from Marty while at the airport waiting for our flight. The owners of the "Wasatch Views" house countered our offer. Meanwhile, the "Love It" house had multiple offers, and we needed to submit our best and final offer. So we did.

The "Wasatch Views" House
The next day Marty suggested that we should respond to the "Wasatch Views" counter offer (since there is a time limit, and also since someone could come in with a better offer and we could potentially lose that house). So we accepted the counter offer. We were under contract with our second favorite home.

Two days after returning from Salt Lake City we got a call from Marty regarding the "Love It" house. They didn't accept our offer. We didn't get that home.

We were a little bummed, but we were also excited to move forward with the "Wasatch Views" house. Marty's advice was spot on and worked out for us. We got a very nice home in a good location with great views.

We closed on the house in South Weber in April. We're homeowners of a lovely house in Utah! Then a couple of weeks ago we left California and made the journey to the state that proclaims "Life Elevated" on their license plates. It should be interesting!


Green Hill, White Mountain - Fruit Heights, Utah
What did we learn from all this? What advice do we have for others who may be in a similar situation?
  • A good realtor is a must. Marty McKay helped us in so many different ways throughout the entire process. If you're buying in the Salt Lake City area I would absolutely recommend him.
  • Don't completely trust the online house pictures. The two homes that we liked best were understated by the photographs, while some other houses were overstated. There is also a lesson here if you are selling your home (hire a professional photographer).
  • Don't buy sight unseen. Remember that house I mentioned earlier that we thought was perfect and we considered putting an offer on without first seeing it? We drove by the home, and it wasn't nearly as perfect as we thought it was.
  • 12 houses in one day really was the limit, especially since we had young children. In retrospect, maybe we should have only toured eight houses or so.
  • If you do bring your kids on a house hunting trip, get them involved as best you can. Give them something to do. Make them feel needed.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Welcome To Utah Family Adventures!

The Family - Yosemite National Park, California
Hello! We're the Roesch family, and we just moved from California to Utah. We've only been in this beautiful state for two weeks now, but we're excited to explore. We love to find new adventures!

There are five of us. Let me introduce you to us.

Ritchie - Montana de Oro State Park, California
Photograph by Amanda Roesch.
I'll start with me, Ritchie. I was born in California, but my dad was in the Navy, so we moved frequently. I spent two years in college in Texas studying (among other things) photography. I found myself getting deeper and deeper into debt and still a long ways off from finishing school. So I did something drastic and joined the Air Force.

The U.S.A.F. sent me to Luke Air Force Base outside of Phoenix, Arizona. I began a career in aviation safety. In what was really a chance encounter, I met my wife just a few months after reporting for duty in The Grand Canyon State. We fell in love pretty quickly and were soon married.

I left the military after four years. That led to different jobs and moves. I spent time in Nebraska, Texas, a couple of places in Arizona, then to California. A couple of weeks ago I moved to Utah.

I've been photographing for almost two decades now, but it's not my day job; however, it's a good excuse to visit some amazing places. I invite you to visit my photography blog.

Amanda - Montana de Oro State Park, California
My lovely wife, Amanda, and I have been married for 14 years. We met, dated and were married in about seven months. It was quick! But we knew that we wanted to spend our lives together. We felt like we were meant for each other.

Amanda grew up in a small town in the Sierra Nevada range in central California. We are so different from each other, yet have tons of little (often unusual) things and experiences in common. Our differences are often complimentary.

She is funny and witty and a joy to be around. She is incredibly observant. She is full of great ideas. She's crafty (the positive definition of the word, not the negative). She always gives 100%. Her smile will melt your heart. She has a true gift for caring for children, and our kids are blessed to have her as their mom. I'm blessed to have her as my wife.

We've had many great adventures together and I look forward to the many great adventures we have waiting for us ahead.

The Kids
Incoming Wave - Carlsbad, California
We have three young children: one girl and two boys. Like most kids, they're loud and rambunctious. They play well together and fight together. They are kind to each other and sometimes not. They have adventures. They love each other.

The two oldest children are almost two years apart, but they're similar in size. We often get asked if they're twins. Because of where their birthdays fall they are only one school grade apart. The littlest wants so much to be just like his older siblings.

Having three young kids is a lot of work. It's sometimes frustrating and tiring and stressful. But we are so fortunate and thankful to have these three little ones to love and care for and raise. Watching them grow is such a blessing!

Today's Girl Photographer - Barstow, California
Joy is our oldest, born in Arizona in 2007. She is smart and determined. If there is something that she wants to accomplish, she will figure it out on her own. She taught herself how to tie knots when she was little. She taught herself how to ride a bike. She will succeed whether someone helps her or not. She makes friends everywhere she goes.

She picks up on things quickly. You usually only have to show her how to do something once--that is, if she's not daydreaming. She can get lost in her own little world.

She loves horses, and one day wants her own a horse. She is good with animals, though highly afraid of bugs. She likes photography and she even post-processes her own photographs. She's beginning to get into clothes and fashion.

Jonathan At The Beach - Carlsbad, California
Next is Jonathan, born in Arizona in 2009. He's creative, funny, witty and goofy, yet very shy. He is curious. He's good at drawing. He's emotionally sensitive but has a very hard time expressing that. He's got a heart of gold.

Jon is really into transportation--trains, cars, trucks, planes, anything that's mechanical and moves. But especially trains, including real trains, toy trains and model trains. He also likes sea life, particularly crabs for some reason.

He loves riding scooters and bikes and playing at the park. He enjoys digging in the dirt, looking for bugs and worms and snails and such. Him and his little brother love to wrestle each other.

Eating Denim - Tehachapi, California
The most recent addition to our family is Joshua, born in California in 2013, just before Christmas. He's very determined like his sister, but he's also mischievous (like many two-year-olds). He likes to climb and jump and wrestle, and is a bit of a thrill-seeker. He likes rock-and-roll. And trains. And playing ball.

He likes to help around the house. He helps with laundry. He sweeps the floors. He's also quite messy, and it doesn't take him long to destroy a room--you can always tell when he's been in a room.

Josh is rough, but he's also kind and sweet. He loves to give kisses, and he'll tell you sorry when he's done something wrong. Whatever his older brother and sister are doing, that's what he wants to do, too--he wants to be just like them.
Roesch Family Waiting To Board - Fish Camp, California
That's us, the Roesch family! We look forward to exploring the great state of Utah and the many adventures that await us. And I look forward to sharing it with you here, on the Utah Family Adventures Blog!