Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Farr Better Ice Cream - Ogden, Utah

Farr Better Ice Cream - Ogden, Utah
While driving around Ogden we stumbled across an old-fashioned ice cream parlor called Farr Better Ice Cream (located at 21st Street and Grant Avenue). This is a Utah landmark, we soon discovered.

The story of Farr's ice cream dates back to 1895 when the Farr family began hauling ice from the frozen lakes in northern Utah. They turned that into a successful ice business, but the 1920's saw mass refrigeration eliminate the need for ice companies. So they changed their core business from ice to ice cream. The rest, as they say, is history.
Established 1920 - Ogden, Utah
Farr Better Ice Cream is (apparently) one of the oldest continuously operated ice cream parlors in America. It's been mentioned in major publications like National Geographic. It's a Utah icon!

We stopped in to get some cones. The place smelled great just walking in, with the scent of fresh waffle cones filling the air. They had a ton of delicious-looking flavors to choose from. I got huckleberry, my wife had chocolate, my two sons both had strawberry and my daughter chose mint chocolate chip. I sampled all of the flavors myself and can personally attest that all of them were tasty.
Jon's Ice Cream Cone - Ogden, Utah
The place was crowded but the workers were quick. There wasn't a lot of seating, but, between the indoor and outdoor tables, there was enough room for everyone. They have a lot of experience (almost 100 years!) serving ice cream and it is obvious that they know what they're doing.

The prices were reasonable. The ice cream was delicious. It's a place that we'll be returning to. At Farr's Better Ice Cream the ice cream is better by far.

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