Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Provo River Falls - Uinta Mountains - Utah

Provo River Falls #1 - Uinta Mountains, Utah
Last Thursday we decided to get out of the city and head up into the mountains. I had heard about the Provo River Falls along Highway 150 a little past Kamas, Utah. We decided to take a small road trip to find out what it's about.

The Provo River Falls are about an hour and twenty minutes east of downtown Salt Lake City in the Uinta Mountains. The drive is scenic the whole route, but it becomes extra beautiful out of Kamas. I think that this drive would be especially lovely dressed in fall colors.

A few miles east of Kamas we spotted a moose next to the road--what a sight! There was a small pond and the moose was getting a drink of muddy water. We were close to the large animal, but we stayed safe in our car.
Moose - Uinta Mountains, Utah
Photograph by Amanda Roesch.
A little further ahead we came to ranger station. The highway traverses a national forest and if you stop along the route you're supposed to pay a $6 fee. I told the ranger that we were going to the Provo River Falls, and he told us that as long as we were just stopping to see the falls that we didn't need to pay anything.

The ranger also told us that the snow pack should be melted enough that the road would be passable. He advised us to just go around the "road closed" sign. We wondered what kind of adventure we were getting ourselves into! We weren't planning on snow packs and closed roads.

It was sunny and warm when we left the city. But as we drove higher into the mountains the sky turned grey and the temperatures dropped. We began to see patches of snow on the ground. Then it began to snow! But the roads remained clear.
Thirsty Moose - Uinta Mountains, Utah
About 24 miles out of Kamas we arrived at the Provo River Falls. There's a sign that points to a small parking area just off of the highway. You can see the waterfall from the parking area, but a short trail leads to a better vantage point.

It was a beautiful place! The pine trees were tall. The river was really rushing because of the melting ice pack. There's something special about being high up in the mountains.

It was cold and snowing. A few inches of snow was on the ground. We weren't prepared for winter conditions, so we didn't stay long. On the drive down the mountain the snow was really coming down! But by the time we reached Kamas it was sunny and warm again.

This scenic drive yielded memorable sights. Highway 150 is an adventure worth taking! Next time we'll wait until it's just a little closer to summer, and hopefully the snow will all be melted.
Nap Time - Uinta Mountains, Utah
Photograph by Amanda Roesch.
Provo River Falls #2 - Uinta Mountains, Utah
At The Provo River Falls - Uinta Mountains, Utah
Provo River - Uinta Mountains, Utah
Provo River Falls #3 - Uinta Mountains, Utah

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