Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Riding TRAX and FrontRunner - Using Salt Lake City's Transit System - Utah Transit Authority

TRAX - Salt Lake City, Utah
We had an opportunity to use the Utah Transit Authority's commuter trains for a quick adventure that the kids loved. We rode on the TRAX light rail and the FrontRunner train.

We started at the Library Station on the TRAX light rail "red line" near downtown Salt Lake City. We rode that train to the Murray Central Station, at which point we climbed aboard to the FrontRunner commuter train. We rode it one stop north to the Salt Lake Central Station, where we transferred to the TRAX "green line" back towards downtown. We made one more transfer back to the "red line" to complete the circuit back to the library.

That may sound convoluted, but it was easy and seamless. We didn't wait longer than five minutes for any train, and often stepped off one and right onto the next. One ticket covered it all. It's very well set up. We found ourselves slightly confused once, but another rider overheard our conversation and told us exactly what we needed to know.

The kids loved riding the train--they had a blast! It was an inexpensive adventure that allowed us to see the city in a different and more relaxed way. It was a great way to spend the afternoon that the kids will no doubt remember.
Sight Seeing - Salt Lake City, Utah
Photo by Amanda Roesch.
Sister & Brother Riding - Salt Lake City, Utah

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