Saturday, May 28, 2016

Visiting The Historic Lime Kiln In Ogden Canyon - Ogden, Utah

Lime Kiln - Ogden Canyon, Utah
We were driving around Ogden, Utah. We decided to take Highway 39 east and then (more by accident than anything else) began heading up the Ogden Canyon, which, we quickly discovered, is very beautiful.

As we were heading up the Canyon, only about a mile from the mouth, we saw what looked like an old tunnel. Curious, we decided to check it out.

There's a small dirt parking area off of the highway to safely park the car. We got out and found a historical marker explaining what we were seeing.

It turns out that the "tunnel" is actually a 30' tall lime kiln built in 1865 for construction by early settlers. The Kiln was abandoned in the 1880's and fell into ruin. Eventually nature took over and the kiln, despite being right off the highway, was forgotten about. It disappeared into nature.
Three Kids In A Kiln - Ogden Canyon, Utah
Someone discovered some old-west artifacts at the site and soon the remains of the Kiln were uncovered. A reconstruction project began in 2003 and in 2008 the old lime kiln was completely restored. Now it sits as a large landmark in the narrow canyon--a glimpse at a time that's largely forgotten, a much different time than today.

To say that the kiln is large is an understatement. The kids were dwarfed by the large structure. They liked standing inside the old furnace.

A short but steep trail (actually, there are two trails, one on each side of the kiln) leads to the top of the structure. It's a tough climb for little kids, but our six-year-old son and eight-year-old daughter both made it. The views from the top are great!

The drive through Ogden Canyon on its own is worth the time and gas, but a stop at the historic lime kiln is a like icing on a cake. It was fun and educational. If you're traveling this route than you should take a moment to see this site.
Joshua In A Kiln - Ogden Canyon, Utah
Red Rocks In Ogden Canyon - Ogden Canyon, Utah
A view from the top of the kiln.
Rocky Peak & Green Trees - Ogden Canyon, Utah
A view from the top of the kiln.
A View In Ogden Canyon - Ogden Canyon, Utah
A view from the top of the kiln.

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