Thursday, May 26, 2016

Worth The Trip: Huntsville Park - Huntsville, Utah

Totspace - Huntsville, Utah
You have to go through a canyon to get to Huntsville, no matter which route you take. Even though there are many twists and turns, the destination is worth the journey.

The small town of Huntsville, which has less than 1,000 residents, sits in the Ogden Valley on the east shore of the Pineview Reservoir in the Wasatch Mountains. Tall peaks loom over the town, capped with snow much of the year. A couple of creeks meander through the many trees. It's a beautiful setting!

Within Huntsville is a tiny historic downtown called Huntsville Square, and next to that is the Huntsville Park (sometimes called The Main Park). There are tennis and basketball courts. There's a large open grassy field. There are picnic tables and barbecue grills. And there is one of the best kid playgrounds I've seen in a park!

In the park are tons of slides and many swings, plus all sorts of climbing and adventure (and even educational) opportunities. It's a mix of old playground equipment (that you'll remember from your childhood) and the latest in playground design. The town, despite its small size, has made their park top-notch. When we were there we had the park completely to ourselves. The kids had a blast!

There are many things to do in and around Huntsville. The Snowbasin Resort offers winter recreation. The Pineview Reservoir will help you beat the summer heat. There are several hiking and biking trails. The reasons to visit this place are numerous. But if you have young kids, then the Huntsville Park is a top reason to make this journey. And, since it is only about 20 minutes east of Ogden, it's easily accessible to many families.
Spinning - Huntsville, Utah
On The Swings - Hunstville, Utah
The Joy of Rock Climbing - Huntsville, Utah
Climbing Boys - Huntsville, Utah
Zip Line - Huntsville, Utah
Blue Mountain - Huntsville, Utah
This photograph was captured from the park.

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