Tuesday, June 14, 2016

25th Street District - Ogden, Utah

Kokomo - Ogden, Utah
There's a really cool place in Ogden, Utah. It has unique shops, delicious restaurants, museums and tons of character. It's called the 25th Street District.

Situated on 25th Street in between Wall Avenue and Washington Boulevard in historic downtown Ogden, this is the place to go to experience some of the best that Ogden has to offer. You can shop, dine, and learn. Maybe you will catch a concert, an art walk or a farmer's market. There's a lot going on!

Our adventure was on a rainy day. We walked through a couple of shops. We ate at a barbecue joint that had an awesome smokey fragrance, and even bought some ice cream and chocolates. We had a good time, but it was cut short by a downpour.

With so much to see and do, we will be returning to the 25th Street District often. It's a cool slice of urban that's not too crowded or too pretentious, yet there's enough to keep you coming back.
25th Street - Ogden, Utah
Wood Box Under The Table - Ogden, Utah
Looking For An Idea - Ogden, Utah

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