Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Forbush Park - Farmington, Utah

Fire Truck Park - Farmington, Utah
Located on Main Street next to the Farmington City Hall and across the street from the main branch of the Davis County Library is Forbush Park, which is also known as the "fire truck park." The Farmington Swimming Pool (which has a water slide and a splash pad) is located here, as well.

We didn't plan to visit this park. We stopped at the library, and afterwards decided to take a closer at the swimming pool. Then we saw the park, so we got out of the car and let the kids climb and play.

The three kids enjoyed climbing and sliding and running. The boys liked the fire truck themed playground. They had lots of fun! We didn't even explore half of the park.

We'll likely play at Forbush Park whenever we visit the library. We'll come back another time to swim here. It's a good place to take the kids--we're glad we found it!
Boy In The Fire Truck - Farmington, Utah
Bee In The Purple Flowers - Farmington, Utah
Joshua On A Yellow Slide - Farmington, Utah
Wheel Window - Farmington, Utah

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