Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mill B North Fork Trail - Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

Wasatch Mountains View In Big Cottonwood Canyon - Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
After finding Hidden Falls we decided to head up the Mill B North Fork Trail, since we were right there. We didn't know much about this trail, but we had some water and were feeling adventurous, so we took a chance and off we went.

The trail starts off with steps, which heads up a somewhat steep hill through a series of switchbacks. Intermittently some trees provided shade, but mostly the trail is open and the views are great. The trail crests a hill and you realize that you are above Hidden Falls, but (no surprise) it can't be seen (you can hear it, though).

After a little downhill section the trail follows a creek and heads into a forested area. There is a lot of shade and it is a great place to rest by the water. I would say that this is about one mile (maybe just over a mile) from the trailhead. We rested a little before heading back.

I'm not sure exactly where the Mill B North Fork Trail ends, or what you find along the way. Another hiker said that there are two waterfalls. The section that we traversed was moderately difficult at times. Our six and eight year old kids had few problems, but our two year old had to be carried for much of it.

I've heard that the Mill B South Fork Trail is a great hike. We may try that one sometime in the not-too-distant future. We have plenty more exploring to do in the Big Cottonwood Canyon.
Big Cottonwood Canyon Vista - Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
A View In Big Cottonwood Canyon - Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah 
Monochrome Mountain View In Big Cottonwood Canyon - Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
Tree In Black And White - Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
Creek In The Forest - Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

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