Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Salt Lake City Downtown Branch Library

Library Interior - Salt Lake City, Utah
The Salt Lake City public library downtown branch is one of the most interesting library buildings that I've ever seen. It's a six-story structure, and it's walls are partially surrounded by glass. It's striking! And it's worth visiting.

Besides an interesting architecture, the library has a garden and water feature, it has a rooftop observation deck, a coffee shop, and art scattered throughout. This is not your typical library! And if you want to check out some books this is the best place to find them--the selection is enormous!
Library View - Salt Lake City, Utah
Parking isn't free (unless you can be in and out within 30 minutes), but it's not too expensive and there is plenty of it. It's a great place to roam. Kids will love the garden, fountain, and views from the roof (which is accessible from a large staircase outside or from the elevators inside).

If  you have an afternoon free and are looking for somewhere to take the kids, head over to the massive public library located at University Blvd and 200 East. You won't soon forget this visit!
Garden Path - Salt Lake City, Utah
Joshua Splashing - Salt Lake City, Utah
University Boulevard - Salt Lake City, Utah 

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