Friday, June 3, 2016

The Train Park: Canyon Meadows Park - South Weber, Utah - South Weber Model Railroad Club

Waiting To Board The Train - South Weber, Utah
Utah has some really great parks for kids. One of the coolest is in South Weber, a small suburb that's just south of Ogden. The park is called Canyon Meadows Park, and it's located in a still-being-built subdivision near South Weber Drive and Canyon Meadows Drive. What makes this park unique is that the South Weber Model Railroad Club has built a miniature 1/8th scale railroad around the park that you can ride for free!

The park is newer and nice. It has a large grass field and a baseball diamond. There are picnic tables and a pavilion. And the playground equipment is fantastic. It's a top-notch neighborhood park.

This park has one thing you won't find at most neighborhood parks, and that's a train. The third Saturday of every month, weather permitting, the South Weber Model Railroad Club gives train rides to kids (and adults). You can ride the train as many times as you want. It's all free (they'll gladly take a donation).

The kids had an incredibly  time at the park--playing on the playground and riding the trains. 

All Aboard! - South Weber, Utah
Riding The Rails - South Weber, Utah
Park Sailing - South Weber, Utah
Climbing Up The Rock - South Weber, Utah
Sunshine - South Weber, Utah
Under The Giant Umbrella - South Weber, Utah
The Train Park - South Weber, Utah

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