Friday, June 24, 2016

The Trains At Ogden Union Station - Ogden, Utah

Ogden Union Station - Ogden, Utah
My kids--especially my six-year old and two-year-old sons--love seeing the locomotives and train cars on static display at the historic Ogden Union Station. While there is no longer passenger service here, there are plenty of reasons to visit.

The Ogden Union Station is located at the west end of the 25th Street District. A visit to one place could include the other. Inside the old train station are four different museums and two art galleries. On the outside are static displays of old locomotives and train cars, which is what we came to see.

You can walk between the different items on static display. Railroad equipment is large and they loom above you as you stand beside them. There are steam and diesel locomotives, old passenger and freight cars, and even a special car that carried the torch for the 2002 Winter Olympics. It's a mix of antiques and oddities, and any train enthusiast (such as my two boys) will love to spend some time wondering through it.

If you find yourself in downtown Ogden, Utah, and have a little free time, the Ogden Union Station is a great place to entertain your kids in an educational fashion. Or, if you are headed to the 25th Street Distract to dine and shop, take a little time to visit the old train station. Your train-loving kids will thank you for it!  
Train On Track 2 - Ogden, Utah
Blue Ladder Step - Ogden, Utah
Red Fuel Cap - Ogden, Utah
Red Knob - Ogden, Utah
Red Valve Knob - Ogden, Utah
Red Knob & Stem - Ogden, Utah
General Motors Fuel Gauge - Ogden, Utah
July 1968 - Ogden, Utah
And Stop - Ogden, Utah
Steam Locomotive Wheels - Ogden, Utah
Steam Power - Ogden, Utah
Industrial Circles And Curves - Ogden, Utah
Industrial Design Monochrome - Ogden, Utah
833 - Ogden, Utah
Railroad Circles - Ogden, Utah

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