Monday, June 6, 2016

Train Watching in Weber Canyon

Union Pacific & Weber River - Weber Canyon, Utah
In the Weber Canyon, eastbound on Interstate 84, there's a rest area that's a great train-watching spot. If your kids are anything like our kids, they'll love this scenic site along the Weber River.

The rest area is right off the I-84 freeway. You pull in and automobile parking is on the right side--there's plenty of it. There are several picnic tables, some of which are covered. There's also a small grassy field. The Weber River is calm thanks to a small dam that's just downstream.

This is a scenic stop. The mountains are tall. There are trees and, in the spring, wildflowers. A river runs through it. But, for our kids, these aren't the reasons why they like this place.
Joy & Jon Train Watching - Weber Canyon, Utah
You see, the Union Pacific Railroad has a busy double-track mainline that passes by this rest stop, right on the other side of the river. It's a part of the historic original Transcontinental Railroad. Roughly 30 trains pass by each day. The odds are that if you stay for an hour, you'll see at least one train thunder by.

We were fortunate to see two trains in about 10 minutes when we went. They sounded their horns for the kids (which scared our two-year-old a little, but the other two thought it was great).

If your kids love trains (and what kid doesn't love trains?), then the I-84 rest stop in Weber Canyon is one of the best places to see them in action. Bring a picnic and enjoy the scenery as you wait for a freight train to rumble by.
River & Boxcars - Weber Canyon, Utah
Freight Train In The Wasatch Mountains - Weber Canyon, Utah
Wide Spot On The Weber River - Weber, Canyon, Utah
Flowers & Trees - Weber Canyon, Utah
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