Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Utah's Stars

Stars Above Sharps Hallow - Morgan, Utah
Many people may not realize this, but Utah is one of the absolute best places in America to see stars. Utah has some of the darkest skies anywhere, thanks to very minimal light pollution. Once you get a little ways outside of cities and towns, the heavens glow with stars and planets. The cloud-looking Milky Way becomes clear.

Even just thirty minutes outside of Salt Lake City metro will yield an amazing night sky. Drive an hour away and the show is breathtaking and almost unbelievable. It's something everyone should do! Everyone should experience the awe of an incredible star-filled night sky.

The photograph above, Stars Above Sharps Hallow, was captured (with my cell phone) right off of Interstate 84 just east of Morgan (near Devil's Slide). You don't have to go very far off the beaten path. You can find safe places right off of major roads to see it.

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