Sunday, July 3, 2016

Independence Day Fireworks - Centerville, Utah

Fireworks Above A Roof - Centerville, Utah
Because July 4th is on Monday this year, some cities have decided to have their firework shows on Friday or Saturday instead. One of those cities is Centerville, Utah, which had their fireworks on Saturday night.

This is our first Independence Day in Utah, so we really don't know the best places to celebrate July 4th. We decided to check out what Centerville (a suburb a little north of Salt Lake City) was doing.

Their fireworks show was at Founders Park off of Main Street. It was scheduled to begin at 9:45, and that's about the time we arrived. The park was extraordinarily crowded and there was no available parking close to it. We found parking about a block south of the park, and people were at this location on blankets and in camping chairs waiting for the show to begin.

We decided to watch the fireworks from this spot. We brought camping and folding chairs and set them up in a small grassy area. A few minutes after 10:00 the first fireworks exploded in the air.

A large tree blocked our view, so we moved to the bed of our pickup truck. A Taco Time building was partially in the way, but now we could see most of the colorful show.

The fireworks show (what we could see of it, anyway) was pretty good. The colorful explosions kept coming at regular intervals and lasted about 30 minutes. The grand finale was good, but not spectacular.

I think our experience would have been better if we had arrived earlier and found a place inside the park. Then again, our two-year-old might have made that idea more difficult. Sometimes you can't win. Anyway, we had a good time despite our location, and we appreciate Centerville putting on this fireworks show!
Main Street At Night - Centerville, Utah
Explosion In The Sky - Centerville, Utah
Light Streaks - Centerville, Utah

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