Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Utah State Railroad Museum - Ogden Union Station - Ogden, Utah

Big Boy #4020 - Ogden, Utah
My two-year-old son and I recently visited the Utah State Railroad Museum inside the historic Ogden Union Station in Ogden, Utah. We had a father-son Saturday together, so I decided to take him to see some trains. Like many two-year-old boys, he loves trains!

The museum was free for us. I'm a veteran and the museum is currently offering free admission to veterans and their families throughout the summer this year. That's really great! Regular admission is $5 for adults and $3 for kids.

You enter the museum under a small portion of the original Union Pacific causeway bridge that used to sit above the Great Salt Lake. There are objects on the walls that explain the history of railroading in the area. They have a caboose that you can go inside and an interactive area designed for kids. It's a really great place!

The museum ends with an extensive model railroad that's based on the local area. This was my son's favorite part! We stayed for awhile watching the miniature trains go by.

Right outside of the Ogden Union Station are static displays of old locomotive and train cars. We didn't spend much time viewing these this time around, but they are a part of the Utah State Railroad Museum. You can visit these without going into the museum and paying the entrance fee, but, if you are already at the Union Station, you might as well go inside!
I've Been Working On The Railroad - Ogden, Utah
Little Machinery Operator - Ogden, Utah 
Caboose Rider - Ogden, Utah
Traveling To The North - Ogden, Utah
Dispatcher Switch - Ogden, Utah
Engineer's View - Ogden, Utah
Fast Over The Wood Trestle - Ogden, Utah
Quickly Over The Dry River - Ogden, Utah
Cowboy & Steam Engine - Ogden, Utah

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