Monday, July 18, 2016

Treehouse Museum - Ogden, Utah

Being Silly - Ogden, Utah
There's a really neat place in Ogden for young kids called the Treehouse Museum. Located on 22nd Street just west of Washington Boulevard near downtown Ogden, this interactive children's museum invites those 12 and under to "step into a story." The Treehouse Museum is open Monday through Saturday and is $7 for kids 1-12 (under one-years-old is free) and $5 for those 13 and over. This is actually a very reasonable price for what you get.

Playing Choo-Choo - Ogden, Utah
Inside the museum are tons of different hands-on exhibits that invite kids to be imaginative. There is something for every interest. The museum focuses on arts, history and geography, so it is just as educational as it is fun.

My six-year-old and two-year-old sons could have spent all day just playing on one of the many wood toy train tables near the entrance. It took some convincing just to get them to explore a little further inside the museum.

One exhibit that was an instant favorite with all three of my children was the diner. Kids could pretend to be waiters, customers or cooks. They spent a lot of time playing here. It was crowded with lots of kids, but I never once heard fighting or crying or complaining--everyone just seemed to get along.

We were at the museum for a couple of hours. The kids didn't want to leave, but it was lunchtime and we had other things we needed to do. As we were leaving the Treehouse Museum we realized that we hadn't explore every exhibit--I guess we'll just have to come back! The kids had a really good time and we are fortunate to be near this great place.
Order Up! - Ogden, Utah
In The Kitchen - Ogden, Utah
Ringing Up The Order - Ogden, Utah
Here's Your Ice Cream - Ogden, Utah
Microscopic - Ogden, Utah
Music Making - Ogden, Utah
Thinking Presidential - Ogden, Utah
Painting Watercolors - Ogden, Utah
Pokemon Found - Ogden, Utah
Model Asian Store - Ogden, Utah
Building Squares - Ogden, Utah
Playing Doctor - Ogden, Utah
The Thigh Bone's Connected To The... - Ogden, Utah 
Joyous Firefighter - Ogden, Utah
Milking The Cow - Ogden, Utah
How The West Was Fun - Ogden, Utah
A Ticket For The Ten O'Clock Eastbound - Ogden, Utah
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