Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mirror Lake, Utah - Magical Beauty High In The Uinta Mountains

Mirrored Mountain - Mirror Lake, Utah
High up in Utah's Uinta Mountains--almost two hours drive east of Salt Lake City--is Mirror Lake, a natural freshwater lake at 10,050' elevation. It sits beneath Bald Mountain, Reids Peak, Mount Marsell and Heyden Peak in the Wasatch-Uinta-Cache National Forest.

It's easy to see why the lake is named Mirror Lake. The peaceful waters clearly reflect the landscape around it. The fresh scent of pine greets you upon arrival. There is a magical quality about this place. It's simply beautiful!

Mirror Lake is a popular spot for camping, hiking and fishing. It's also a great place to see the starry night sky. If you like experiencing nature, this is an exceptional location for that.

The scenic Mirror Lake Highway, which provides the only access to Mirror Lake, is closed from roughly early-autumn to late-spring, as it gets covered in snow. Summer is the best time, and really the only time, to visit. The 2016 season is fast coming to an end--if you missed it, you'll have to wait until next year.

Mirror Lake has quickly become a favorite Utah destination of ours. It's an easy escape from the city and the hot summer temperatures. It's a getaway that feels far away, yet is close enough for a quick day trip if that's all that time allows.
Mirror Lake Fisherman - Mirror Lake, Utah
Trout In Hand - Mirror Lake, Utah
Boats At The Lake - Mirror Lake, Utah
Red Boat On Mirror Lake - Mirror Lake, Utah
Color Leaves - Mirror Lake, Utah
Lake In The Uinta Mountains - Mirror Lake, Utah
Stars Over Mirror Lake - Mirror Lake, Utah
Night At The Lake - Mirror Lake, Utah
Our Galaxy - Mirror Lake, Utah

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